What is a White Label?

We have a product, the World's most visited live cam community and our brands: LiveJasmin.com, CameraBoys.com, MyTrannyCams, MaturesCam, LiveSexAsian, and many more.

You have potential customers - adult oriented web traffic. You help us sell them our product under your own brand, and we'll give you commission.

Adult Webmaster Empire offers an exclusive webcam white label solution, the best way you can monetize your traffic with high efficiency. Create your own live webcam site - or more!

Sample White Labels

Cams Cams Cams  Cams Baby

Whatís new about our Whitelabel sites? AWEmpire is proud to offer a mobile ready product, with the most up-to-date HTML5 support, customizable layouts, and quality images and camera feeds which represent the highest standard in the industry. It also provides free registration from the highest earning countries to increase conversion, and a great Blog page that can be used to add unique content to the site.

Why choose AWE when it comes to white label services?

Earn 35-45% of all credit purchases made on your AWE Whitelabel. Why is it so great? Because AWE offers DOMAIN BASED tracking. This means you don't compete with the cookies of your fellow Webmasters. Unless a member was bound to another Webmaster with the PPS program before, you get a commission for each and every sale made on your Whitelabel!

Thanks to the responsive design our white label sites look amazing on every platform. Desktop PC, Macintosh, mobile, tablet, you name it.

Being HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE, our white label sites are able to cater to various niches and tastes, for a unique user experience. The ability to add custom texts, logos, favicons and even custom URLs for the different categories further increase this advantage.

Your users don't speak English? Don't worry, the sites are translated to 19 LANGUAGES. You can also edit most of the text in your own language!

To stay ahead of the others, LiveJasmin always provides tempting promotions to its users. Right now we provide Bonus credits for bank card validation and FREE PRIVATE TEASERS to increase the basic conversion. These are available on our porn whitelabels as well.

Top features

Create the white label under your own domain or subdomain, reinforcing your own brand. If you wish we can also provide you with an LSL.com subdomain for use with your white label.

What do you need to make your white label site available on mobile devices? Upload a logo of your chosen domain name in a given size.

HTML5 support

A completely Flash-free experience that allows your members to enjoy an impeccable quality of live stream.

AWEsome conversion

Benefit from the best assets a whitelabel site can offer to give the highest conversions youíve ever experienced.

Tube layouts

The most modern, user-friendly and transparent layouts for an accessible and enjoyable member experience. Customize your siteís look and feel!

Mobile ready

The new Whitelabels are responsive and mobile-optimized so your members can access and enjoy them on every single device.


This interactive toy lets your members take control during a private show, offering them an unforgettable experience and extra income for you.

Branded newsletters

Would you like your members to receive Newsletters from time to time, customized to your own brand? You can!

Easy to set up

A basic AWE white label site can be set up in as little as 10 minutes. Launch your basic site straight away then take your time further customizing it to your needs as required. There is even an option to change the whole color theme of the site with a single click. Don't waste any traffic!

Categories and niches

LiveJasmin.com has the biggest pool of models to choose from. Itís up to you which categories appear on your white label. Bring targeted traffic, customize the categories and profit. Users know what they want so offer them something they can't resist - a niche site such as gay, tranny, Asian, mature, fetish and so on (e.g. awegay.lsl.com).

Subcategories, filters

You can also narrow down your site offering into specific subcategories. Do you want an all Asian site? Filter for Asian under all categories. The same applies to all the niche rules you wish to employ on your own site with a huge amount of possibilities (e.g. awelatina.lsl.com).

Featured category

Would you like to highlight some models? The FEATURED CATEGORY list can be used for this purpose. You can put hand-picked models here, even from different categories and genders.

Quick buy

Another great feature of the white label site is the QUICK BUY option. Members with credit cards can use this feature to buy credits with a single click, making their online experience even smoother.

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